04 August 2010

where to wear wednesday :: Ischia

I'm excited about this new series I'm starting called "WHERE to WEAR". Since I'm all about travel and fashion, I thought what better way to combine the two than to post about places and styles together. Today's location is inspired by a recent trip that I took to Ischia, Italy. It was such a lovely island and full of some of the best views ever.

Castello Aragonese

I wrote earlier this week that the inspiration from our trip to Ischia came from the beautiful film "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and the stylish settings in the movie. Ischia Ponte was the setting for many of the beach locations, and we were lucky enough to stay in the heart of Ischia Ponte with a view overlooking the famous Castello Aragonese.

Of course, like all trips, packing was important. What to pack? How much to pack? I'm a firm believer in trying not to check luggage, so I fit everything into a carry-on. At least summer clothes are much lighter (and smaller) than other seasons so it worked out just fine. Because of the styling in the movie which was full of 50s glam and beach casual - along with the ever-stylish Italian wardrobe, I was sure to bring some fun pieces.

Days and nights easily mix on the island, and we saw a variety of dressing up and dressing down throughout all hours. Because it's a beach setting, it tended to be a bit more laid back than a city like Rome. Sandals (not too often flip-flops though) and wedges were a perfect staple for any occasion, and a mix of summer dresses and muted classic pieces from shorts, skirts, tanks, and button-ups were a perfect combination to mix and match throughout the trip. And don't forget your bathing suit...because a trip to a volcanic spa, and of course the beach, is a must!
French Connection strapless beach dress :: FRENCH CONNECTION.COM
TopShop Cupro Roll Up Shorts :: TOPSHOP.COM
TopShop Wide Stripe Bikini :: TOPSHOP.COM
K Jacques St. Tropez Larissa suede gladiator sandals :: NET-A-PORTER.COM
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Miu Miu 17LS Opal Powder :: SUNGLASSES-SHOP.CO.UK
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02 August 2010

stylish destination :: ISCHIA

I recently got back from a lovely trip to the isle of Ischia in Italy's Bay of Naples. I'd been wanting to visit here ever since I first saw the intriguing film, "The Talented Mr. Ripley". One of my most favorite movies of all time, the screenplay by Anthony Minghella's is based on the book by Patricia Highsmith and features some of the most beautiful settings ever.

I've been to most of the other filming locations which were shown in the film (Rome, Venice, Anzio, Palermo), but had never been to its main one...the one where all the beautiful sunny, summer scenes were captured. In the movie it's known as the fictional town of "Mongebello", but really is a combination of coastal shots in Ischia Ponte and street shots in the small village neighboring isle of Procida.

Isn't there just something about the style of Italy in the Summer?! It's always been captivating to me. Maybe it's the effortless steadfastness of classic style even with the temperatures are uninviting. Where, instead of ragged cut-offs and rubber flip flops being thrown on when it gets hot outside, the tailored linen and handmade sandals make an appearance.

Besides this film taking place in beautiful settings, it also has some of the most beautiful style (and beautiful people...Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Jude Law -hello!). With wardrobe direction by Ann Roth, it was nominated for and Academy Award for Best Costume Design. In the special features and commentary of the film, the progression of wardrobes throughout the plot is described; and it's so interesting watching the style change from the mood in NYC (where the film opens) to the coastal casual of Ischia to more formal classic in the later scenes of Rome and Venice. Because Ischia is the focus, that's the wardrobe I'm highlighting too.

The fact that the story takes place in the late 1950s, the style already invokes classic beauty, but the flowing skirts, high-waisted trousers, linen button-ups and silk scarves somehow remain timeless.

Doesn't it make you want to hop on a boat and sail there right now??

01 August 2010

the perfect month to pack

If you've been reading many of the fashion forums lately you probably have seen some discussion for the "global experiment" entitled SIX ITEMS OR LESS.

A group of worldwide bloggers set out last month to "examine the power of what we don't wear" by limiting their wardrobe to only six pieces for an entire month (undergarments and accessories not included). When the founders set out with this experiment they didn't want to made a statement (only) about consumerism, but were mainly just open to see what people around the world would make of it. How they would react. What would they wear. What would they not wear. What would they talk about. If other people notice.

Many said that although the people around them daily could barely tell that they were wearing the same thing (as they would spruce up each outfit with various accessories) but the blogosphere and media outlets definitely noticed. Magazines like Marie Claire, TV and radio talk shows from The View and Martha Stewart, and plenty of news programs have been talking about the "Six Items or Less" movement for the past month.

Not only is it an interesting idea...but for the travelers out there - it's a perfect way to pack light! If you're interested in taking this month-long challenge, then what better time than this summer when so many people are on vacation. I'm a big believer in CARRY-ONS ONLY when I fly...so only 6 pieces of clothing would make this a lot easier. Many European countries take the entire month of August off for vacation (i.e.: "Ferragosto" in Italy) and I can definitely see some "stylistas" out there rocking some of these basic pieces with various accessory flair. Nevermind all the amazing shoes you could work. *ahem, all the in-season Jeffrey Campbell Woodies!

Because the first "Six Items or Less" experiment got so much attention that they're running another month-long experiment towards the end of summer. Check out the site to SIGN UP. And be sure to SHARE a comment with a link to any of the 6 pieces or looks you put together!!!

1. Lorelei Top :: ALLSAINTS.COM
2. We the Free V-Neck Lace Trim Tank :: FREEPEOPLE.COM
3. KNT by Kova & T Striped Blouse :: URBANOUTFITTERS.COM
4. J Brand 10" High Rise Zips Japanese Twill in Charcoal :: REVOLVECLOTHING.COM
5. Citizens of Humanity Collin High Rise Skirt :: SHOPBOP.COM
6. 7 For All Mankind Roll Up Jean Shorts :: SHOPBOP.COM