23 January 2011

travel project preview

When I first started dreaming up the idea of SOJOURNISTA, I had many concepts converging in my mind. Finding a way to logically put them together was the biggest challenge...And as I'm still in the beginning stages of the entire project, I do feel like it's coming together. The basic concept is bringing all the "subjects of style" which I love so much (health & wellness, fashion, food & wine, art, etc) together with one of my biggest passions: travel.

Eventually, I'll be offering personal "Travel Styling" services to Italy and the Mediterranean areas, but meanwhile I use this blog to write freely about all these subject intertwined.

But, I'm excited to tell you about a project I've been working on for several months now - still finalizing all the details - but it involves yoga and travel ....and, of course, Italy.

Look out for a big announcement soon!


sojourned in style said...

can't wait to see what these projects bring!

Giorgia Student-Flair Blog said...

hey Erin, your idea seems fantastic, the yoga retreat concept it's great, good luck!

Anonymous said...

La Toscana รจ una bomba! Stupenda!!! :))))
Bel blog!!
Tuo nuovo follower, seguimi se vuoi :)))